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General Programs

Program Overview

During the workshop, the trainees will explore the steps needed to set goals, in addition on how to utilize tools to monitor and track performance results, empower colleagues, manage individual performance, and identify areas of performance development to achieve the highest performance.

Program General Info

Abu Dhabi Government Emirati Employees from grades 1 to 7

The program is in class for (2) days.

Through the registration link 

The trainee is expected to attend all training hours during the training days (12 hours in two days).

Please note that the total hours of excused absences or delays in attending sessions should not exceed more than one hour.

At the end of the workshop, the participant will be able to:

  • Advance their performance and productivity.

  • Grow their identifying and following-up responsibilities for each work plan.

  • Increase the number of action plans that addresses low performance.

  • Develop tasks and work results that are in line with the highest quality standards.

  • Use and develop technology to improve efficiency

  • Use budgets, human resources, and other resources wisely

  • Adopt emerging modern technology that improves the integration of operations and the customer experience

Learning Objectives


Analyze the team’s development areas to set new goals and improve the level of performance.


Identify ambitious performance goals and targets.


Design the necessary tools to monitor the results and quality of individual and team performance.


Establish high performance and standards for quality of work for personal, professional, and team development.


Provide guidance and counsel for colleagues to improve the work process and deliver high


Certificate of completion

The trainee receives a Certificate of Attendance from Abu Dhabi school of Government upon completing the number of mandatory hours of training, which is 12 hours during the two training days.


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